New Years Eve in Adiuh Palace with a Hollywood swing!

New Years Eve in Adiuh Palace with a Hollywood swing!
20 November 2018

Who among us has not dreamed at least once of a beautiful life, full of holiday, adventures, victories, solemn and bright events and wide popularity? And even in most cases, children's dreams of a movie career remain dreams, this is not a reason to forget about them, because dreams exist in order to come true one day.

Adijuh Palace Hotel will gladly fulfill one more dream in the most suitable time for this - in the New Year!

New Year's Eve in Adijuh Palace will be held this time with a truly Hollywood scale. Have you ever seen the set from the inside? New Year's Eve in Adiyuh Palace will give you participation in the filming of a real Hollywood movie with real special effects, luxurious decorations, an exciting storyline - and, of course, with you in the lead role! By the way, how do you like the idea of walking the red carpet?

New Year's wonders, which are preparing for you to celebrate the main night of the year in our hotel, do not end there. The interactive program will allow you to create your own wonders and make your New Year's Eve a real blockbuster!

The new year in Adijuh Palace without a musical program is not our format. Music and dance groups will join the holiday of luxury, fun and unpredictable storylines. Upscale dance numbers and live music are great accompaniment for our New Year's miracle.

So where do without a salute? Let the fiery flowers of the brightest, most vivid and memorable emotions bloom in the night sky - and may the coming year be as radiant and fabulous as the New Year's Eve in Adijh-Palace.

But what about Santa Claus and Snow Maiden? Of course, they will be with us, these eternal companions of the change of times, those who since their childhood have accompanied each of us from the Old Year to the New. After all, this is not just a holiday in Adihuh Palace - this is the New Year!

New Year is the main night of the year and the main celebration of our childhood. And let some believe that the New Year's miracle is in the past, the guests who visited us on New Year's Eve at the Adiyuh Palace Hotel will learn one magic secret: each of us is capable of a miracle ourselves.

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Новогодняя ночь в «Адиюх Пэлас» с Голливудским размахом!

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