Autumn Adiuh

Autumn Adiuh
22 October 2018

The summer has died down, and Dombai's nature has replaced the summer multicolor with a wonderful decoration in gold tones. The crowns of deciduous trees shine with yellow, red, spicy-orange, the needles - with thick dark greens; it seems that nature, having got drunk on summer sunlight, gives it to people before the onset of winter. Warmly - in the smell of mushrooms and dry grass in the forest, in fiery leaves, in ripe wild rose berries and lingonberries ...

And on the tops of the mountains, where the air is cold and sonorous, the first snow falls, shining and pure, like a rhinestone in gold setting. You do not like autumn? Having been in the mountains of Dombai in October, you will see how beautiful this time of year is. The nature here is able to fascinate, even when falling asleep ...

There are many magnificent jewels in the world, but the one who saw Adiyuh’s autumn outfit saw the most luxurious of them.

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