Wedding in Adijuh Palace

Wedding in Adijuh Palace
16 September 2018

A wedding is a wonderful, happy event, the day when the closest ones are going to witness the birth of a new family. Inspiration, joy and the desire to make this day great for yourself, friends and relatives - this is what we feel while thinking about the holiday in the smallest details, because you want so much that the event should be held at its best, in every sense of the word. And the mountains will help you with this - and the Adijuh Palace Hotel.

Close your eyes and try to imagine happiness. What does it look like? On a cozy living room with a fireplace? On the luxurious palace chambers? Or on the pristine natural landscape? Adijuh Palace and a team of professional decorators will gladly make your dreams come true. The design of the hall in any subject and style, exquisite dishes, the order of the celebration - the hotel will take all this, because on such a day no worries should disturb your holiday.

Do you pay attention to characters? If so, then exit registration at the foot of the Adijuh tower will be a great choice, and may your happiness be as unbreakable as the ancient mountains that have witnessed your vows!

We sincerely wish you happiness and will be happy to make your wedding unforgettable, filled with the brightest emotions, memories of which will inspire you even years later!

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