New Year in the mountains

New Year in the mountains
24 September 2018

Do you have magical memories? And now it is not about supernatural phenomena, but about moments that warm the heart even many years later. Try to remember New Year's celebration in the house where you spent your childhood: a Christmas tree strewn with lights, all relatives are near, the last exciting preparations, the smell of fresh pine needles, fluffy snow outside the window and the relentless feeling of a future miracle. How easy it is to give a miracle to a child!

Time changes people. In our cares, in our affairs, and in our daily hectic, we will get to know the world better, and this deprives us of miracles. Many of us, adults, successful, who have found their vocation, preparing holidays and gifts for their children, are sad to realize that our own New Year's miracle remained there in childhood ...

And do you want, we will give you a new miracle - the New Year in the mountains of Arkhyz? The hotel « Adijuh-Palace » You will be able to celebrate the New Year in the mountains, and it will definitely become one of the most amazing, magical and warm holidays in your life. All the cares will be taken with pleasure by the hotel staff so that you can fully plunge into the holiday and take a break from the troubles.

New Year in the mountains. Arkhyz. Dombai.

New Year is the main holiday of the year, and therefore in the last days and hours of the year we want so much to feel not the anxiety, but the magic and mystery of the upcoming New Year's Eve. After all, the belief that the wishes that were made at the moment when one year replaces the other one, more than once proved that it did not just happen, and that the wishes must be fulfilled, you need one thing - a festive mood! Your new year in the mountains begins with an amazing mountain landscape and the ancient tower of Adijuh - the guardian of peace of this timeless corner. A comfortable climate will allow you to take a walk even in the New Year's time and enjoy the beauty of this place, where ancient legends and tales still live.

Celebrate the New Year in the mountains. Hotel Adijuh-Palace.

Preparing for the New Year in the mountains will be really enjoyable for you - stay at the hotel, check gifts again and imagine how your loved ones will be pleased with them, and then enjoy communication with people you love, because you don’t often enough! On the eve of the magical New Year's Eve, you can spend time as you like - and the hotel staff will make all the preparations.

Who would you like to celebrate with the new 2019? With a noisy group of friends, with your soulmate, in a warm family circle? New Year in the mountains can be so different in mood, entourage and scale, of course! Share the idea to meet the new 2019 in the Arkhyz Mountains with friends, family or colleagues, or surprise your second half and we will make your ideal New Year for you!

Let the New Year with your friends be fun, noisy and carefree. The hotel has rooms , which will be comfortable even for a very large company. What do your friends like? You will have a great opportunity to ride on retro cars, play sports, play billiards and even go on winter fishing. For the most active and fun - walks and outdoor activities, swimming pool and sauna, dancing until the morning and, of course, fireworks! You will find real fun, the sea of ​​delicious food and drinks, laughter, music and countless places for photos - an event like the New Year in the mountains with friends should not be left unimpressed!

Romantic New Year in the mountains - a holiday for you and your second half - will be filled with luxury, tenderness and harmony. Turn this night into the most romantic date, because the best gift for a loved one is attention, care and love in everything, even in the smallest details. Apartments to your taste, a joint gala dinner, candles - let the air be filled with happiness and tenderness on New Year's Eve, fulfilling dreams, and may you be happy together this New Year - and for many more years to come.

Celebration of the New Year 2019 in the family circle is the warmest and most heartfelt holiday, and at the Adiju Palace Palace » Your family will be truly homely. For you - the menu for every taste, children's menu, treats, apartments and halls, in which everything will comfortably accommodate - noisy playful kids, and adults, and respectable grandmothers and grandfathers. Maybe this will be the first trip in the life of your children? The joy that children can experience is incredibly infectious, and the new impressions your children receive will raise the spirits of the whole family. New Year in the mountains of Arkhyz is a wonderful gift for the closest people, and we will help you make it unforgettable!

What else will make you happy New Year in the mountains? Great fireworks on the background of a clear mountain sky, a festive program and entertainment for every taste and for any company or quiet solitude for a couple in love with delicious food and best drinks and, of course,   mountain landscape, so majestic and calm, as if time really stopped to listen to your New Year wishes and continue to rush ahead - to fulfill them! As well as high-class service and friendly staff - your New Year in the mountains will be filled with only the most bright emotions.

New Year's celebration in the mountains. Hotel Adihuh Palace.

Meet the New Year in the mountains - and let the New Year all the new peaks submit to you with unprecedented ease!

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