Spring holidays in the mountains

Spring holidays in the mountains
24 January 2019

Spring is a controversial season. Slush on the roads, snow and rain and sleet, always dirty shoes and some kind of dreary, fatigue that does not pass even on weekends are familiar to residents of all major cities. And yet - spring is fascinating. Just one morning, the sky becomes blue and wet, the air is filled with the bitter smell of reviving trees, everything at once comes in an incessant businesslike movement. And it becomes clear: spring. Spring came.

Весна в горах. Отель Адиюх-Пэлас.

Most people try to gain summer vacation in order to bask in the sun and wash away the bustle and fatigue in the salty sea waves. But have you ever tried to really meet spring? Calmly, measuredly, carefully watching nature wake up, how it accumulates strength for the new summer - and relax and gain strength with it? For those who have decided to arrange a spring break, the Adijuh Palace Hotel has a great idea - we invite you to meet spring in the mountains together! Holidays in the mountains in spring are not just entertainment, beautiful landscapes and high-class service, because all this is in the Adijuh Palace all year round. Spring vacation in the mountains is a kind of meditation. We invite you to the mountains this spring - not only to have fun, but also to hear how the nature of this harsh, beautiful land comes to life.

Адиюх-Пэлас весной

The climate of the mountain regions is beautiful at any time of the year, but it is in early spring that it is full of the most amazing phenomena and especially bright landscapes: when the first warmth comes to the valleys - the tops of the mountains are still dominated by snow, ice and cold. If you suddenly do not have time to fully enjoy the winter activities, you can visit the last refuge of winter and go skiing or snowboarding, admiring the snow flickering in the rays of the mountain sun. Offer your children to spend the winter and make her happy for the last time with cheerful laughter and active games - you will not even notice how their delight and feeling of the magic of this walk “for the winter” will take you.

Отдых весной в Адиюх-Пэлас

Informative excursions to monuments of architecture, historical places and natural sights - another way to spend your spring vacation in the mountains. And it’s not even the fact that, for example, the Lower-Arkhyz settlement or the Adiyuh tower is attainable, like the fairytale city of Kitezh, only a few days, but in the enchanting atmosphere that occurs in the mountains in spring and turns a simple excursion into the sacrament of touching the past. Words cannot convey this, but those who once admired the view from the window in early spring - the usual, but some others - will undoubtedly understand. You will not only learn history, legends and legends - you will feel yourself in another time, but through the sound of the water of the Honey Falls, you will undoubtedly hear the voices of those who once lived in this land, and now keep it. History is alive here, it comes to life in the spring year after year, and neither time nor rapidly changing society has power over it. Spring in the mountains is full of wonders, for which it is simply impossible not to glance at least once.

What else is sure to do, being on a spring vacation in the mountains? Of course, the same thing that every living thing is inclined to do in springtime is to gain strength, improve your health and wake up for real! Remember how often fairy tales mention living water - a source of health and strength that can bring even one to whom it seemed that they could not help? In the mountains, such water exists to this day - those who are faced with health problems go to the Adijuh source for help. But the intake of mineral water is useful to everyone without exception, and in combination with swimming, sauna, massage and walks in the cleanest mountain air, the clear and dizzy spring smells spring, which for a long time nourishes you with strength, health and vigor.

Источник Адиюх. Отдых в горах Северного Кавказа

Rest in the spring in the mountains is as wonderful as at any other time of the year. Improving procedures, holidays and dances, elegant service and excellent cuisine are always at the Adijuh Palace Hotel. But it is definitely for those who want to see how nature departs from winter sleep to come to us in the spring. As she looks at this time on a beautiful young woman, waking up in the morning, then sweetly siphoning, then again plunging into slumber. Someone thinks that Nature is the young beautiful woman who, when she wakes up, lets summer to the earth. Or maybe this was the legendary Adiyuh, whose name gave the name of the tower-fortress? Who knows ... Whatever it was, spring in the mountains fascinates, delights and leaves an incredible impression. Come and relax in the spring in the mountains, and together we will admire one of the main wonders of this land!

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